Slot Gutters Type S2, S5, S6, S11

Slot Gutters Type S2, S5, S6, S11 are designing for aisles with scraping systems in cattle stables, where scrapers are drawn from chains.

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Type S2

  • Slot gutter with 25 mm opening.
  • Extra equipment in case of much sand. Wear plates in galvanised steel to be placed between drain and rail.
  • Fits with LJM, SAC and Delaval hydraulic scraper.

Type S5

  • Slot gutter with 25 mm opening.
  • U-iron rail groove welded anchor for concrete floor.
  • Fits with Stranko and SAC chain-hauled scrapers.

Type S6

  • Slot gutter with 25 mm opening.
  • Comes with 2 stainless bolts M10 for mounting equipment.
  • Fits with Skiold hydraulic scraper.

Type S11

  • Slot gutter with 25 mm opening.
  • Fits with LMJ and stranko chain-haulage.
  • Produced in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Low weight.


50/125 mm groove 1500 mmS2230 mm203 mmPolymer concrete
50/125 mm groove 1500 mm reinforcedS2230 mm203 mmPolymer concrete
Type S222H and S222V conical return pipeS2230 mm203 mmPolymer concrete
42/125 mm groove 1500 mm reinforcedS5150 mm203 mmPolymer concrete
53 mm groove 1500 mm StrankoS5150 mm203 mmPolymer concrete
Type S555H and S555V conical return pipeS5150 mm203 mmPolymer concrete
45/125 mm grove 1500 mm reinforcedS6230 mm203 mmPolymer concrete
45/125 mm groove 1500 mm Type LR/SkjoldS6230 mm203 mmPolymer concrete
Type S666H and S666V conical return pipeS6230 mm203 mmPolymer concrete
42/67 mm groove 1500 mm, LJM TriomecS11172 mm215 mmPolymer concrete
42/67 mm grove 1500 mm, S111 reinforcedS11172 mm215 mmPolymer concrete
Type S1111H and S1111V conical return pipeS11172 mm215 mmPolymer concrete

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